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Great Salt Lake Council University of Scouting

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Here you can find content from the classes you attend at the University of Scouting.

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Room #2201 is now the home of BEARS: Super Science (STEM) and WEBELOS: Adventures in Science

Room #2207 is the now the home of the Cub Scout Dens Q & A.

Look for your Ropes and Knots classes in the indoor track area of the gym. It’s upstairs.

Evaluation announcement: There is an online and a paper version of the evaluation form. Look for the signs with the QR Code on it to get the link to the google form. You can fill out either one.

Degree Announcement: All degree applications and the participant evaluations will be turned in at the end of the day in the lunchroom. You’ll receive your patch and rockers there.

Blue and Gold Banquet Lunch: If you didn’t sign up for the blue and gold banquet lunch but want to, go to the church and check it out. Bring your lunch and enjoy that hour. It is at both 11:00 and 12:00.