How to Register

Download CCubS Registration Instructions


First, you have to add at least yourself to your roster.

Go to the “Your Roster Icon” and click on New Camper or New Leader to add individual information and then make sure to click on Save Camper or Leader at the bottom to save. Repeat steps  until you have all the participants you are registering for CCS.

CCubS Registration Instructions-1

After you have completed your roster, please select Event Registration icon and make sure that College of Cub Scouting is selected as the event on the right side.

CCubS Registration Instructions-2

  • Once you have selected the participant click on “Create Registration”
  • On Profile tab, click on “Save Camper or Leader, Add to Cart” at the bottom of the page
  • Select classes by dragging and dropping your selections. If a class is more than one hour, it will block out the other classes that conflict with the class time.
  • When you have selected all the classes for the Scout, click on “Save, Add Changes to Cart”
  • After you have completed selection for all the Scouts, go to the “Cart Icon” to make payment. Please submit your order even if you do not have a balance to pay in the cart, so that your classes will save.

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