Dwayne Thomas
Lawrence Knight

 Throughout the history of the world, man has always been on a quest to find a more efficient way to move things. From the invention of the wheel to a pulley system, to airplanes, automobiles, and machines that put man into space.

We will be discussing the Wolf adventure “Motor Away” and the Bear adventure “Make It Move”. In these adventures, the boys will be exploring the same concepts that Orville and Wilbur Wright, Henry Ford, and others worked with to create their marvelous wonders that are so prevalent today.

In this course, we will discuss how to make a Rube Goldberg machine. We will also discuss aerodynamics and propulsion and buoyancy. We will learn about levers and pulleys and the significant role that they play in our world, and we will show you how to make a car, well, a “chicken racer”. We will build paper airplanes and show demonstrations of boats that you can use to make your own pack armada.

We reference one website. It is called The creator is Kyong Hwa Lee. Here is the permission to use this website.

“The paper airplanes presented in this web page include my old favorites as well as new designs that I recently created for my grandchildren.  This web page is made to share my designs worldwide with other children, their parents, and their teachers who enjoy paper airplanes.  I hope that “Amazing Paper Airplanes” will help you imagine soaring with the real airplanes and inspire you to make your own creative paper airplanes.”

We hope you have fun with your boys as you engage their minds into creating some pretty neat inventions.

Paper Airplanes

For the longest time man wondered what it was like to fly with the birds. It has always been a fascination for humans.

The scientific principle dealing with flight is called Bernoulli’s principle. Airplane wings are made in what they call an airfoil; it is the shape of the wing. The principle states that when air moves over the wing, the shape of the wing causes the air to travel faster over the top than beneath. This creates a higher pressure beneath the wings than above. The pressure difference causes the wing to “lift” and push upward. The faster an object goes, the more lift it creates.

At the turn of the Twentieth Century, two brothers took this principle and put it to a successful application. From that time we have been able to travel farther in a more timely manner and with a pretty safe record.

In making paper airplanes, you can experiment with different wing shapes to see if you can get more lift or more distance.

Some games you can play with paper airplanes are:

  • Aircraft carrier landings: use an 8-foot table as the runway to see who can land the best.
  • Target landings: using a hula hoop out about 10 feet, see who can land in the hoop.
  • Distance or time contests: See what plane flies the farthest or is up in the air the longest.

Your boys will have fun with this!

Chicken Racer:   Items needed for Activity

Can you guess what you are going to make yet?

Yes, it is Egg Carton Cars or Chicken Racers!

CHICKEN RACER INSTRUCTIONS       Follow these steps:

  1. Have the scouts trace rings on the cardboard to be cut out and fit inside the canning lid rings. Make 3 cardboard cutouts per lid ring.
  2. Carefully cut out the cardboard (12 round disks per scout) and fit inside the canning lid rings. Poke a hanger wire size hole in the center of each disk.
  3. Hot glue the 3 disks inside each lid ring. Be careful to not use TOO MUCH GLUE. It will affect the racer. Make sure the center punch holes all line up.
  4. Cut the 2 straws to 5 inches long.
  5. Now for the egg carton: Leave the lid on. Holes must be poked horizontally across the egg carton behind egg holes 1 and 7 and again in front of egg holes 6 and 12 (at the front and back of the carton/car) so a straw will fit in the holes and not be bent by the carton. The holes should be placed through the middle divider that pokes up in the middle of the carton as well as through the lid. The straw will hang out both sides of the carton. This is the support for the axles (see below). Put a small dab of glue to hold the straws in place (do not melt the straws!).
  6. Cut the hanger into 4 pieces of 6 ½ inches each. You may need to straighten these.
  7. Take one of the lid rings (wheel) and put a drop of hot glue over the center hole. Push the wire into the hole and slide through the straw for axle #1. Glue the opposite wheel (lid ring) in the same manner. Repeat for rear axle (axle #2).
  8. Take 2 rubber bands and wrap them around each lid ring for traction.
  9. Each scout can then decorate his egg carton as he pleases.
  10. Add 2 golf balls or rocks to the inside of the Chicken Racer in two of the egg slots for weight. Have each scout figure out the best slots for the rocks so the cars race faster.



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