February – Friendly

Friends Near and Far (Blue and Gold)

Scout Law Value: Friendly


Gathering activity: Cubs receive their Jedi cape and missions to earn their light saber.

Mission 1: Using the supplies on the table, build your own “Ty” fighter  or “X” wing ship to collectively create a centerpiece decoration.

Centerpiece supply ideas:February2

Large and small marshmallows



Fruit snacks


Mission 2: Be friendly and polite as you get your food, and as you eat.

Mission 3: Help to clean up by clearing your own spot and helping to put away chairs.


As they finish their missions, the cubs then receive their light saber (which they helped make in a den meeting), and a balloon decorated like a clone trooper.February4

They then continue their training by using the light saber to keep the balloon in the air. They team up to pass the balloon to each other. Have a relay race using the light sabers to get the balloons from one place to another.

In a den meeting the cubs helped to create a piñata that looked like the Death star. The light sabers are pipe insulation wrapped with colored duct tape, with details in black sharpie. February6February5 February7 February8


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