October – Kind

October – KIND – Creepy Crawly

Kindness begins within each of us and radiates outward like a ripple in a pond, growing bigger and affecting more people than we can ever imagine.

1 – Create a Snake Random-Acts-of-Kindness.  Take a piece of paper and cut strips 2” wide.  Fold the paper accordion-style. Punch a hole in the middle of all the papers. Have the kids write a different way they can be kind or perform a random act of kindness on each section except the first. Decorate the first section like the head of a snake or worm. Put a pencil or pipe cleaner through the holes to give the paper a shape.


2 – Create a Leaf Kindness wreath.  Cut out some paper leaves in different colors, write an act of kindness on each leaf. Cut out a circle to paste the leaves onto. Hang the wreath for the family to be inspired to do acts of kindness.

3 – Create a spider snack for your family party.  Using straight pretzels and cracker or cookie sandwiches (Oreos, Ritz crackers, whoopee pies), stick the pretzels in as legs and decorate the top with a dab of peanut butter or frosting for the eyes.

4 – Start a Boo House project for your neighborhood.  Use Google to find ‘You’ve Been Booed signs’.  Make a few copies of the sign and the rules for each scout, explain the rules to the scout.  Either during a scout night or at home with their parents as a family activity, have the scout make some treats.  With parent guidance, have the scout delivery the treats to people in the neighborhood that they do NOT know.  Finally – Have the scout drive through the neighborhood on the day after Halloween and count how many people have the Booed signs in their window.  This is how many people they have touched.

TREATS to SHARE for Creepy Crawly Kindness

1 – Worms in dirt.  In a plastic baggie, have the scout crush 6 black sandwich cookies.  Put the crumbs into a clear plastic cup. Put gummy worms or spiders on top.  Enjoy !

2 – Slice strawberries and bananas.  Alternate stringing them together with toothpicks and use a whole strawberry as the head. Decorate the head with frosting eyes.


ACTIVITIES for Creepy Crawly Kindness

1 – Go on a bug photo safari.  Do not hurt the bugs, but collect as many pictures as you can of the different bugs around your meeting place. Give each bug a point value and reward the scouts with gummy worms for doing a good job.

2 – Hands On activity.  Put together some squishy items (spaghetti, other pastas, jello, gummy worms and bugs, etc. into separate bowls.  Have then under a cloth.  Have the scout stick their hands into one at a time and try to identify what each one could be.  Spaghetti feels a lot like brains.

3 – Create a plan to go out the day after Halloween into the neighborhood and pick up trash and squashed pumpkins found in the road (only in the road, so you are not trespassing!)

4 – Make each scout a poster with these sayings on it for their home:


* Kind to the Environment *

Pick up trash every day

* Kind to the Elderly *

Return their shopping cart

* Kind to Neighbors *

Take in trash cans

* Kind to Teachers *

Clean up the classroom

* Kind to Mom *

Do the dishes

* Kind to Dad *

Sweep the garage

* Kind to Animals *

Freshen their water

* Kind to Birds *

Put out a feeder

* Kind to Ladies *

Open the door

* Kind to Store Employees *

Say HELLO and use their name to ask how they are doing

* Kind to Scouts *

Share a scouting story

* Kind to Siblings *

Do a chore for them

* Kind to Friends *

Ask how their day is going


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