April – Cheerful


For a pdf version of this post (including authorization for the musical pipes) click here – midway april cheerful

Musical Pipes: Information on how to make them. See the chart below and follow the instructions exactly to get the proper sound (courtesy of www.musicalpipes.com). This set of pipes will bring much excitement to the Cub Scouting programs that they can enhance. There is a possibility of 28 pipes that can be used. Sometimes a Cub can hold two of them at one time, if you don’t have enough to hold all of them. Also…you can choose music that doesn’t require all of them. Pipes1

The concept behind making your own pipe chime set may actually be easier than you might think.  It may, however, take you longer than you had hoped to make sure they are done right. Below are a set of instructions to make 23 pipes (#0-22).  You can easily get all 23 pipe chimes out of the materials specified below.


  • 1/2” standard steel electrical conduit (outside diameter = 11/16”), you’ll need a quantity of two 10’ pipes to get pipes 0-22
  • Something to hold chimes: string, ribbon, leather cord, boondoggle, etc.


  • Drill
  • Drill bit (size depends on how you wish to hold the chimes)
  • Pipe cutter ($7)
  • File/sandpaper for smoothing edges
  • Tape measure or ruler

Tip:  Being as accurate as  you can while marking your measurements and cutting your pipe chimes will help keep your set sounding in tune.  Keep in mind this is not a professional set and even the wall thickness of the conduit varies slightly so you might hear a few notes that are slightly off.

Bone Rattle

To make this simple musical instrument, have the cubs save bones from steak, ham slices or lamb. Wash bones in hot water to remove the grease and then thread the bones onto a piece of wire coat hanger as shown. If bones are not available use rings of bamboo. Twist wire to form a handle. Fasten ends of wire to a iece of wood with breads and wrap with tape to cover.


Rhythm Stick

1 wood stice about 1/2 X 1 1/2 X 15″

3 juice can lids

3 nails and a hammer

Hammer nails through teach juice can lid part way into the stick, leaving room for lid to rattle. To play, hit stick against palm of your hand. Sounds like a tambourine


Maraca Rhythm Maker

2 paper cups (small is best).

Wooden tongue


Construction paper

Dried beans, macaroni, small pebbles

Decorate cups with colorful paper designs or paint. Put small amount of beans, macaroni, or pebbles in a cup. Place top ends of cup together tape or staple around edges. Leave about 1″ untapped. Insert tongue depressor as a handle in untapped space… between Cups. Tape or staple to secure handle.

April4 April5

Wind Chimes

Chimes can be made with shells…which can be purchased in hobby stores. Drill a hole 1/4 inches down from edge to avoid cracking and 1/4 inch to thread the fishing like through. Using a board of your choice drill a hole that will accommodate your fishing line and string the shells…tying a knot at each so they don’t slide down the line..as per the drawing also== nails can make a great wind chime.


Coconut Shells

With help, saw the coconut shell in half, depending on the size of the shell, you may have to use two shells. Be sure to drain the milk out before you cut them. Scrape off the prickly bristles from the covering. Scrape out the pulp inside. Leave the shells to dry out thoroughly. Clasp the shells in each of your hands. Gently click the edges of the shells together until it sounds like a horse walking or trotting. You can put a piece of cloth or something else that is sturdy through the two holes in each end to hold on to easier.


Using a #10 can cut the end out of one side. Cut the “skin” about 2 inches larger than the diameter of the can. Cut holes with a punch about every two inches all around the diameter of the skin. Lace with a piece of cord or shoe lace. Tie a knot to keep it from slipping and it works better if you have a helper holding the can so it doesn’t slip. Decorate as desired


Ping Pong Drum

Materials: 1 large balloon

1 ping pong ball

1 plastic bottle (soda)

Plastic tape (duct)

cut the top off the balloon, just below the neck. Cut the bottom off the bottle, holding the bottle between your knees,bottom up, put the ping pong ball in the bottle. Use both hands to stretch the balloon over the end of the bottle. Tape in place.


Light Bulb Shaker

They are still making the OLD FASHION light bulbs. Using paper mache, cover the entire bulb with it.. several coats. Allow to dry. Decorate with various designs and acrylic paint.. When completely dry..hit the bulb on the side of a table or something hard, to break the glass inside and that will be the “noise” maker.



materials: 1 1in wide plastic tape

2Ribber bands (from broccoli_

2 2in. dia. juice lids

curling ribbon to decorate

Using the tape secure the rubber bands to the back of the lids, forming a hinge. Place the ribbon in the center of the hinge and tape. Curl the ribbon and start tapping.


Wooden Clappers

Cut 3 pieces of wood..on 7in long, 2 pieces 33/4 inches. Lay all on top of each other, lined up so you can drill two holes 3/8 in from the edges of the wood at once. Tie all the pieces together securely with a piece of cord as shown. Sand the wood and decorate as desired. The cord should be just loose enough to allow the pieces to “clap” together.


Paper Sack Noise Maker

Brown paper bag

Jingle bells



Paper from magazine

Put the bells and washers or any other pieces of metal that will make a noise, inside the paper bag. Roll up the magazine page on the diagonal to use for the handle. Stick that part way into the bag. Blow into the bag to give it air and tie the yarn around top to contain everything in the bag.



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