Campfire Program Fun 2015

All Cub Scouts have adventures with a campfire as part of it:

Cap off the perfect day of Cub Scout outdoor activities with a well-planned, exciting, inspirational and fun campfire program!

Successful campfire programs are about the scouts. Leaders should step in only when needed.

Successful campfire programs have the 4 ‘S’es: Songs, Stunts, Stories, and Showmanship.

  • Songs – Scouting Songs – can be peppy, quiet, repeat-after-me songs, special occasion, or novelty songs. If you want the campers to sing along, the songs should be ones that everybody either already knows, or can learn quickly.
  • Stunts – Fire Lighting (make it safe), opening ceremony, action stunts, contests, humorous (run-ons), mixers, “magic”, or educational.
  • Stories – Adventures, humorous, heroic, biographical, nature, scientific, etc. Find stories where the campers can participate, such as making sound effects.
  • Showmanship – Adds sparkle and life!

Successful campfire programs “Follow the Flames” with high energy songs, skits and stunts when the fire is high and slower songs and quieter activities with the fire dies down.

Planning a great campfire program:

  1. With the Arrow of Light Den working on the Camper adventure, plan the ceremony with an overall theme and plan for the end.
  2. Have each den prepare a song, a skit, a story, and a run-on. Learn what they are before the ceremony and put them in order from high energy to low energy. If you’re at all worried about the “appropriateness” of an offering, leave it out.
  3. Keep the ceremony well paced, with high-energy activities at the beginning and quieter activities at the end.
  4. Have a master of ceremonies (Cubmaster, or experience Cub Scout), who knows what each den will be doing, keeps control of the ceremony, and moves it along.
  5. Assign a cheer leader (Bears working on Roaring Laughter) and have them lead everyone in cheers between each performance.
  6. Assign a fire team to start the fire and extinguish it at the end (Webelos Den working on Cast Iron Chef). Let them focus on the fire so you can focus on the ceremony.
  7. End with a Cubmaster minute.
  8. Hold off on the S’mores until the fire has died down.

Campfire Songs

Scout Vespers (use at end of ceremony)
Tune: Oh, Christmas Tree

Softly falls the light of day,
As our campfire fades away.
Silently, each Scout should ask
Have I done my daily task?
Have I kept my honor bright?
Can I guiltless sleep tonight?
Oh, have I done and have I dared
Everything to be prepared?

Campfire Skits

Campfire Stories


Campfire Program Planning Worksheet



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