Art Explosion

Art Explosion

By Erica Thurston


  1. Visit a Museum, gallery, or exhibit options (free)
    • BYU Museum of Art, (many types of famous art)
      Provo, 801 422-8287
    • Covey Center for Arts, (exhibits vary)
      425 W. Center St., Provo, 801 852-7007
    • Al Rounds Studio (watercolor art of LDS church history sites)
      60 E. South Temple, no. 101, SLC, 801 364-6789
    • David Ericson Fine Art (many types of art including famous local artists)
      418 S. 200 W., SLC, 801 533-8245
    • Hope Gallery (classical realist art from Scandinavia, best for small, quiet groups, schedule an appt.)
      151 S. Main Street, SLC, 801 532-1336
    • Illume Gallery (many types of art, trendy, famous local artists, next to Al Rounds Studio)
      60 E. South Temple, No 115, SLC 801 210-2853
    • Williams Fine Art (famous local historic and modern artists)
      801 712-7577
  2. Self Portrait (see photo)
    1. Colored pencils or pastels (soft or hard best, oil pastels fine)
      1. Tape any type of paper to mirror or table
      2. Divide face into thirds, showing forehead, eye, nose, and chin lines
      3. Have scout pencil draw the largest shape (head) to smallest (pupil in eye)
      4. Have them match colors to skin, eyes, and lips
      5. Blend with finger if using hard or soft pastels, wiping finger clean often


    2. Acrylic (black and white only)(see photo)
      1. Take a head shot of scout with light mostly on one side of face and other half is in shadow
      2. Tape photo to table, along with a mix media paper of like size
      3. Divide face into thirds, as described above and have scout drawing in features with pencil
      4. Have scout draw in shadow shapes
      5. Mix acrylics to have 5 values ranging from white to black
      6. Have scout find and label white 1 to black 5
      7. Have them paint the values of the face

      (result not typical)

  3. Various Art Activities
    1. Draw or paint outdoors
      1. Review shapes in art: circle, oval, triangle, etc. (see photo)
      2. Have them try to draw one object, drawing large shapes first
      3. Find object outdoors, and draw or paint in media of your choice (see photo)


    2. Use clay to sculpt simple form
      1. Find a simple form like a ball, dice or toy pyramid (bigger is better)
      2. Discuss how all art is made of shapes
      3. Have scout choose shape and sculpt it
    3. Create an object from clay (see photo)
      1. Find toys, figurines, etc. that the scout can use as an example
      2. Scout starts with biggest shape, like stomach (oval), and forms shape
      3. He uses his fingers and a little water to keep moist and form the object
      4. Use toothpicks, floral wire, or any strong bendable wire to attach legs or anything fragile
      5. Do not stand object on legs until dry (about 1 hour with air dry clay).
      6. Can be painted with acrylics or painted with clear shellac (toxic) to protect, when dry.

      Do not use modeling clay, it is stiff.


    4. Freestanding sculpture made of recycled materials (see photo)
      Boxes from Costco

      1. Make a creeper from Minecraft or example which scout is inside (picture on right page in book in photo)
      2. Make a Slime from Minecraft with just top box (picture on left page of book in photo)
        • Top boxes: 18” x 12” box with 2, 2 gallon milk boxes wrapped around with duct tape
          Cut head hole
        • Bottom Box: 24” x 16” box (can go slightly smaller or larger)
          Cut body hole and duct tape, especially to very bottom of box

        Green cardstock paper cut out and glued on

      Each boy gets to wear it home then bring back to next meeting


    5. Origami
      • Make sure edges line up when folding or it will be off as it progresses
      • Only try simple objects, as it get complex fast
  4. Computer Illustration
    • Take photo, download to Photoshop, enhance (complex)
    • Apps for touch screens allow scout to draw on-screen, then print off
      Kidsdoodle- Doodle Joy Studio, Sketchbook-Autodesk Inc.
  5. Computer Illustration and logo design (see attached pages below)
  6. Camera
  7. Comic Strip
  • Sign and display your work!


  • Wal-Mart (store Brand)All media paper 9”x12” $6.97
  • Watercolors $6.97
  • Soft pastels $6.47
  • Oil pastels (basically bright crayons) $4.97
  • Brushes $5.00
  • Acrylics (individual bottles 87 cents)
  • Colored pencils $5.97
  • Willow charcoal (can break sticks) $2.97
  • Eraser in 3 pack $2.47
  • No clay available
  • Michael’s (all supplies by Artist Loft unless otherwise indicated)
  • Mix media paper by Canson $8.99
  • Watercolors by Prang $6.99
  • Soft or hard pastels $9.99
  • Brushes $10.99
  • Acrylics (Reeves in multiple pack) $9.99 (bottles for 69 cents each)
  • Colored pencils $9.99
  • Willow charcoal (3 sticks, can break them) $3.99
  • Kneaded eraser $1.99
  • Amaco Clay, 10 lbs, white, air dries, (best option) $10.99
  • Natural Clay, 10 lbs, white or beige, air dries $8.99
  • Crayola Clay Bucket, white, 5 lbs, air dries; $12.99
  1. Go to the website This is a free online logo maker. When you reach the page it should look like this:
    Click the green ‘Next’ button every time the text box shows up. It will show you where everything is but not how to use it.
  2. Now you should pick out what symbol you want to use. In order to get to the free and usable symbols/stamps go up to the top left hand corner. There should be a text box that says ‘Search Graphics’
    If you already know what you want your symbol to be, then click on the long rectangle box that says ‘Search Graphics’ and search your symbol. If you are unsure of what you want your symbol to be, then click the square-made-up-of-little-squares on the right hand side of the ‘Search Graphics’ box. This will take you to a bunch of selections on symbols.artExplosion-08
  3. Selecting your symbol. Scroll down the list of mini pictures/symbols until you find one you like. If you can’t find anything you like, then just search something you are interested in.
    Once you find the icon you like, click on it. It will automatically take you to the front screen with your icon on it. There you can edit it.artExplosion-10
  4. To edit your icons color, click on the red square box on the left hand side of the screen. A wheel of color will appear on the right hand of the screen. Make sure your icon is selected. That means that there is a little box around your icon. Then click inside of the wheel on your prefered color.
    Your icon will then change to that color.
    By clicking the dark squares on the corners of the box surrounding your icon, you can change the size.
  5. When you finally have your icon perfect you can add some text. To add text you will go over the left side of the screen and find a bar. On the top of the bar there is a large T. Click it. It will bring a text box onto the screen that you can type in. (Sometimes the text box will go over your icon. If it does then click down on it and don’t release. Then drag the text box to the side of your icon or wherever you want to put it.)
    When you have written what you want your logo to be in the box, then you can change the font and the color of your text. To change your font you need to have the box with the text in it selected. (That means that it has the box around it with the line blinking inside.) Then up at the top of the screen there should be some font options. There are categories for different types of fonts in one box and the actual fonts in another. When you select your font type then it will automatically change your lettering into that font.artExplosion-13When that is over you can change the coloring the same way you did with the symbol/graphic.
    *You can put in as many text boxes and pictures as you like. They are not limited to only one.
  6. When your logo is perfected and you are ready to save it, go to the top right hand corner. There will be an SD card shape.
    Click it. Sometimes (depending on what type of computer you have) it will ask you if you want to view it or save it. CLICK SAVE IT. Then this page will pop up.artExplosion-15Since other people made the graphics and stuff the website asks you to give the authors/illustrators credit for their work. Other than that you can use these logos for public use. It says so right here.artExplosion-16

Would you like more information?


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