Gathering Activities Galore

By John Boom

This year at College of Cub Scouting, I will be teaching a class about teaching using games.  Here’s some of the ideas I will be sharing:

Rank Requirements Games


Bear Necessities-Make a list of equipment the group should bring on a campout. I am going C.A.M.P.I.N.G. What will I bring?  Cubbies have to figure out the pattern.



Games Tigers Play-Make up a game and play it with your den.

Paws of Skill-Talk about sportsmanship.

Castaway-Invent a game using simple rules.

Game Design-Create a game, play it, teach another.

Have random game pieces.  Make up a game.  Share how to play. Play the game.
Bobcat Scout Oath Scout Oath Tag.  Everyone is it.  If you are tagged you have to repeat the scout oath.
Bobcat Scout Law Have each point of the scout law scrambled.  See if they can unscramble each.
Bobcat Scout Law Divide into small groups.  Give each group the letters of a word in the scout law.  They have 1 minute to come up with as many words within that word as they can.  The group that gets the most words wins.
Bobcat Bobcat Badge General Play Simon Says using the different scout signs and symbols.
Wolf Running with the Pack–Do two of the following: frog leap, inchworm, kangaroo, crab walk. Play follow the leader.
Wolf Adventures in Coins Coin scavenger hunt.    They have to find the coins and find the parts of the coins.
Wolf Collections and Hobbies–Begin a collection of 10 items that have in common. Each group has 10 items they have to describe what they all have in common and share.



Paws of Skill–Make an obstacle course.  Run the course and see if your time improves.  Complete an obstacle course using a marble.

Develop an awareness of the challenges of the blind.

Using the game pieces on your table, make a finger obstacle course and run it.  Then try it with a marble.

After practicing on your finger obstacle course a few times.  Try it blind with your friends guiding you.

Webelos/Arrow Of Light Art Explosion–Make a sculpture. Use the materials on your table to make a sculpture.
Webelos/Arrow of Light Movie Making–Make a movie Use the materials on your table to tell a story.  If you have a phone, film it.

Cubscout Games

Ideas by John Boom


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