January – Obedience – Cub Scout City Council

By Amanda Jacob


Pack Meeting Outline

Month:  January

Pack Meeting Theme:  Cub Scout City Council

Scout Law Character Focus:  Obedience

Before the Meeting:  Mark the entrance to the gathering place with a “Welcome to Cub Scout City” sign.  Print copies of the Cub Scout City Council Meeting Agenda, along with details of Resolutions that will be voted on as part of the agenda.  Organize chairs into small groups/villages.  Give each group of chairs a unique name to be identified by, and mark the group accordingly.  Place a copy of the Cub Scout City Council Meeting Agenda and Resolution details on each chair.

Gathering Activity:  “Akela Says”- This is a spinoff game of “Simon Says.”  Cub scouts gather in front of “Akela,”and strive to stay in the game by carefully listening to Akela and doing what “Akela says.”

Opening:  “Welcome to Cub Scout City.  There are a lot of exciting things going on in our community.  In Cub Scout City, we want all people to have a voice in the important things that matter to our community.  Therefore, it is election time.  We ask each group of chairs to elect/designate a member to act as your representative in our first Cub Scout City Council meeting.”

Cub Scout City Council Meeting:  Traditional opening ceremony pack activities, along with awards and recognitions will be part of this “meeting.”  See Cub Scout City Council Meeting Agenda.


  • After the Cub Scout City Council Meeting is adjourned, have members of the council return to their seats in their groups.
  • Cubmaster’s Minute – Discuss Obedience and what it means. Tie the importance of obedience to the activities of the evening.  Point out to the Cub Scouts, their opportunity to have their voices heard in making the laws of their communities, along with their duty to uphold the laws in their communities.
  • Other Pack Business Reminders, and Closing Ceremonies

Refreshments and Cleanup


Cub Scout City Council Meeting Agenda


  • Call to Order
  • Roll Call
  • Opening Ceremony
    • Duty to God
    • Duty to Country
    • Scout Oath
    • Scout Law
    • Scout Motto
    • Scout Slogan
    • Outdoor Code
  • Special Recognitions
  • Approval of Minutes/Records
  • Awards, Ceremonies, & Proclamations
  • Comment Period (The comment period is limited to 15 minutes.  Any person wishing to comment shall limit their comments to three minutes.  Any person wishing to comment during the comment period shall request recognition by the Mayor.  Upon recognition, the citizen shall approach the microphone.  All comments shall be directed to the Mayor. No person addressing the City Council during the comment period shall be allowed to comment more than once during that comment period.  Speakers should not expect any debate with the Mayor, City Council or City Staff; however, the Mayor, City Council or City Staff may respond within the 15-minute period.)
    • Public Comments
    • Pack Cub Committee Comments
    • Cub Scout City Council Members Comments
  • Resolutions
  • New Business
  • Adjourn


Ideas for Cub Scout City Council Meeting Agenda

 Call to Order and Adjournment:  Have an adult member of the Cub Committee play the part of Mayor.  They might use a gavel and say something official sounding to call the meeting to order and adjournment, when the time comes.

Roll Call:  Call out the names of each of the unique groups and ask if a representative from the group is present.  Record the names of the council members present.

Special Recognitions:  Be creative…Have fun…Take a moment to recognize someone or something present at the meeting, that wouldn’t regularly be present at the meeting.

Approval of Minutes/Records:  Be creative…Have fun…or, take a moment to point out this is the first council meeting, so there aren’t any minutes/records from a prior meeting to approve for addition to the public records.

Awards, Ceremonies, & Proclamations:  In addition to giving out BSA awards earned since the last pack meeting, create a fun certificate and/or medal to be awarded to each Cub Scout as a special recognition of their contributions to Cub Scout City.  These can be genuine character recognitions and/or fun fictional awards for valor, bravery, and humanitarian efforts in the community.  Have each award recipient shake hands with the Mayor and pose for a photo.  For fun, the council might also proclaim the next week to be some special week, such as “Bring a Friend to Den Meeting week.”

Comment Period:  This time can be used for pack members and families to express their visions and hopes for the pack.  Den leaders can share stuff that is going on in the dens.

Resolutions:  Be creative…Have fun…It might seem more official if each resolution is given a unique sequential number.  The following are some ideas for resolutions:

  • Approving the purchase of something for the pack with pack budget.
  • Approving the refreshments for next pack meeting.
  • Authorizing a fundraiser.
  • Approving of a mascot.
  • Approving of an outdoor activity location.
  • Approving the date for a special pack activity.

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