February – Reverent – Passport to Other Lands

16_mw_passport_passport-frontBy Kathy Blomquist

A Scout is reverent when he shows respect for the beliefs of others.

Pack meetings are monthly parties with a purpose where Cubs and their families are having so much fun they don’t realize they are actually learning something.

The purpose behind the theme “Passport to Other Lands” is to learn about and gain more understanding of friends from other countries. It is an opportunity to experience a taste of the customs religions, foods, and traditions of others.

This theme has many possibilities. Look at what resources are available to you in your unit. Do you have people who are from or who have lived in other countries? People who have traveled to other countries? People who could bring their own knowledge and displays to your pack?  That is a good place to start when deciding which countries you may want to concentrate on.

You may also want to consider the size and personality of your pack in organizing this activity. Could you assign each den to pick a country and present to the pack? Would it be better in your pack to have the leaders and adult volunteers present the countries with all Cubs and families participating in games and activities?16_mw_passport_cub-airways-ticket

Make plane tickets as invitations and a fun passport book for each Cub that will be stamped at each country arrival.

16_mw_passport_pastedgraphic-316_mw_passport_pastedgraphic-4Have a room or a hallway set up like an airplane, 2 or 3 seats on both sides of an aisle. Each chair has a seat belt (two material strips or ropes tied to the chair). Have stewardess show safety rules for flight. Using a small tube or rope with a paper cup and a small baggie at the end for oxygen and mask. Each passenger must of course, tie up his seat belt.

16_mw_passport_pastedgraphic-5You can make the plane trip as simple or as fancy as you want. You can have pilots announcing take off and destinations. You could put small blow up swim rings under each chair and have everyone blow them up and put on their “life vest” because of turbulence. Run rope lights in the isle. Play a short in-flight movie about the countries you are headed to. Have flight attendants dress in the country’s style. Your imagination is your limit.

At the end of your country tours everyone returns to the airplane for their journey home where they can be served in-flight snacks along with the closing of pack meeting.

Have at least three separate rooms or areas set up where three different countries can be represented. Pre-arrange for each den to head to a separate country on your plane’s arrival then rotate them through all three countries.

16_mw_passport_country-stampsStamp their passport for each country they go to. You can use stickers or actual stamps and ink for this.

For each country represented share some fun hands-on activities. Play a game, sing a song, share a story or a tradition.  Have pictures and display items from the country. Teach some basic sentences in the country’s native language. Share a
taste of a traditional food item. Wear traditional clothing of the country.

Again, use your local resources if possible. If you need additional information for your country, it is easy to find information on the web. Different countries’ Scout Oaths and Laws can also be found on the web.

A Flag Ceremony

Have a Cub Scout hold up a small poster with each Country’s flag on it or an actual flag.

Scout # 1 – In the Philippines they say mahal kita  (Ma-­Haul–key-ta)
In America we say I love you.

Scout # 2 –  In Norway they say takk  (taw-k) In America we say thank you

Scout # 3 – In Germany they say guten morgan  (goo-­tin-morgan)
In America we say good morning.

Scout #4 -­ But all over the world Cub Scouts gather to honor their country, their God, and their pack.

Scout # 5 – They pledge to help others and keep themselves fit. Though the words may be different, their meanings are the same.

Scout #6 – In Australia, Scouts Promise to do their duty to God and the Queen. In the UK they promise to do their duty to God and the King.

Scout # 7 – In Canada a Scout is wise in the use of all resources. In Great Britain a Scout makes good use of his time and his careful of his possessions.

Scout # 8 – In Venezuela a Scout smiles and sings in difficulties.
In France a Scout obeys without retort and does nothing by half.

Scout #9 – In America we pledge allegiance to our flag and commit to obey the Scout Law.
We promise to keep ourselves physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

Scout #10 – Will the audience please stand and join me in pledging our allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and reciting our Scout Oath and Law.

An Award Idea

Make homemade fortune cookies. While they are still warm and bendable put awards inside. Place a slip of paper half way in with the Cub’s name and award information on it.

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