Thank-You’s and Recognition

by Brittany Seale, Tracie Maynard, and Brecka Scott

Hearing a genuine or thoughtful “thank you” is difficult to come by these days. Since that is rare, think about how much better a “thank you” will sound coming from you.

Why do we say thank you?

Everyone wants to feel like their efforts are noticed and appreciated. When a person is recognized, they usually feel the inclination to help again. Maybe even with an increased effort. It may renew our purpose in scouting and give motivation for others to contribute their efforts. And it sets a good example for the scouts we serve.

We need to remember that every adult that volunteers their time and efforts needs to feel appreciated. Some leaders can earn leader knots that can be worn on their scout shirt showing the boys they are setting and achieving goals, just like our boys.

Recognition doesn’t need to cost much! There are many ideas that are repurposed items or things you may already have around your house. And others have a very small price. We believe it’s the thought that counts.

Make sure you are specific in your recognition. Make sure the recipient knows what they did specifically to help you.

Giving a sincere, verbal, thank you is better than nothing. But, if you are looking for some unique and memorable ways to say thank you, here are some of our favorites.

“In life, you will realize there is a role for everyone you meet. Some will test you, some will use you, some will love you, and some will teach you. But the ones who are truly important are the ones who bring out the best in you. They are the rare and amazing people who remind you why it’s worth it.”- Unknown

Leader knots

Leader knots can be earned or awarded for tenure, basic and continued training, and performance.

  • Den leader training award
  • Scouters training award for Cub Scouting
  • Cubmaster award

Religious Emblems

  • Each religious faith group has their own requirements for this award

Awards Central

  • Many other leader awards listed here

Nominated Awards

  • Keep track of noteworthy contributions to scouting
  • Years and positions held in scouting
  • Training courses completed (dates and location)
  • Any awards earned as part of contribution to scouting
  • Any contributions in community, civic responsibilities, veteran, etc.

Roundtable is a good place to ask/hear of other awards to earn

Thank you with a treat

Tortilla chips                               Thanks for “chipping” in at_________________

Extra gum                                   The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is  the Extra!

M & M’s                                      Thank you to a Magnificent & Marvelous person

S’more                                        We need “S’more” leaders like you

Gushers                                      Our cubs are always “Gushing” with knowledge with you as their leader.

Skippy Peanut Butter                    We are always “skipping” with joy when you conduct the annual pack planning meeting.

Microwave popcorn                      Thanks for always “popping” in to help at den  meetings.

Lifesavers                                    You are a “lifesaver”!

Flipz                                           You are so “flipping” awesome! Thanks for being my leader!

Reese’s pieces                             We love you to “pieces”!

Apples                              You are the “apple” of our pack!

Lemons                                       Thank you for making lemonade out of lemons!

Root beer                                    Thanks for “rooting” for us at __________________

Cupcakes                                    Thanks for making pack meeting a piece of cake!

Skor                                           We really “scored” with you as our leader!

Bullseye bbq sauce                       Thanks for “steering” us in the right direction!

Fortune cookies                           We are so “fortunate” to have you in ______________

Powerade                                    You are a “powerful Aide” to us!

Ruler or Fruit by the Foot             You really “measure” up! Thanks for helping our boys this year!

Hearts                                         Thank you for pouring your whole “heart” into scouting! (cookies, candy, erasers, etc)

Bunch of grapes                           We appreciate you a whole “bunch”!

Bag of chips                                You are all that and a “bag of chips”!

Rock candy                                  You can move mountains if you move one “rock” at a time! Thanks for all you do

Starbust                                      You’re the “star” of our pack!

Muffins                                       “Muffin” to do but appreciate you!

Loaf of bread                              Anyway you slice it, You’re the best!

Lemonade mix                             Consider yourself squeezed! We sure do appreciate you!

Hot tamales                                 When it comes to helping with camp, you are “hot stuff”!

Gummy bears                              We can “bearly” contain ourselves! We appreciate your help!

Spices                                         You really helped “Spice” up our pack meetings!

Corn nuts                                    Not to be “corny”, but we really appreciate you!

Bag of nuts                                  We are “nuts” about you! Thanks for your help

2 liter of soda                              “Pop quiz”- Who’s the best den leader in town? It’s you! Thanks for all your help!

Pasta                                          You did a “pasta”-tively wonderful job with _________

Cake mix                                    No doubt about it, you take the “cake”!


There are so many ideas on Pinterest or google search thank you ideas!

“Volunteers aren’t paid- not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.” –Sherry Anderson

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