Welcome to Working Webelos, a One-Year Program


by Marlin Neilson and Terry Curling
(Our contact information is in the PowerPoint, or you can contact us using the form at the bottom of this post.)

Full PowerPoint Presentation (~33 MB)

Packet of Information

(Printable version of this)

Packet of Information to go over with a new Webelos Scout and his parents when he turns 10 years old and joins the Webelos Den. Staple these sheets of paper together to make a packet.

  1. Show them  the Webelos Handbook
  2. Give them the Webelos Record Keeping paper
  3. Give them the Monthly Webelos Activity Badge Schedule
  4. Give them the Whitling Chip paper
  5. Give them the Cub Scout Religious Square Knot Patch requirements
  6. Give them the How Do I Start My Family History paper
  7. Give them the Family Tree Chart paper
  8. Give them the Family Group Record paper
  9. List of the two scout shops in the Salt Lake Valley along with their addresses, telephone numbers, and  days and hours that they are open.
  10. Webelos and Arrow of Light Elective Adventures

Purchasing Scouting Items

the Webelos Handbook

There Are Two Scout Shops In The Valley Where You Can Buy Scout  Related Items:

Great Salt Lake Council Headquarters
525 Foothill Blvd.
Salt Lake City, Utah  84113
Website: www.saltlakescouts.org
Email address: camps@scouting.org
Phone: 801-582-3663, Fax: 801-582-7401
Office hours
Monday-Friday: 8:30 am-6:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am-12:00 pm

South Valley Scout Shop
8395 South 700 West
Sandy, Utah  84070
Website: www.scouting.org
Phone: 801-571-2727
Scout Shop Store Hours
Monday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday 9:00 am-6:00 pm
Tuesday 9:00 am-6:30 pm
Saturday 10:00 am-2:00 pm

Also check scoutstuff.org, amazon.com or ebay.com.

Tracking Progress

Here are the tracking sheets I use to keep track of the boys’ progress.  I print off two copies and give one to the parents to help them keep track too.  Click on the images below to enlarge.

Rank Tracking Sheet
Electives Tracking Sheet

Webelos Adventures that are Best Done in the Summer

  • Cast Iron Chef
  • First Responder
  • Stronger, Faster Higher
  • Webelos Walkabout
  • Camper
  • Scouting Adventure
  • Aquanaut
  • Castaway
  • Earth Rocks
  • Into the Wild
  • Into the Woods
  • Movie Making
  • Sportsman

Webelos Adventures that Can be Done in Either Summer or Winter

  • Duty to God and You
  • Duty to God in Action
  • Building a Better World
  • Adventures in Science
  • Art Explosion
  • Aware and Care
  • Build It
  • Build My Own Hero
  • Engineer
  • Fix It
  • Game Design
  • Looking Back, Looking Forward
  • Maestro
  • Project Family
  • Cyber Chip

 A Year Plan For Monthly Webelos Den Adventures

(Printable version of this)

Whittling Chip

January: Aware and Care
February: Build It
March: First Responder
April: Scouting Adventure
May: Stronger, Faster, Higher
June: Webelos Walkabout
Summer Camp: Aquanaut, Castaway, Engineer, Camper, Into the Woods
July: Castaway, Engineer, Into the Woods
August: Cast Iron Chef, Camper, Saturday Pack Meeting in Mill Creek Canyon
September: Sportsman
October: Building a Better World
November: Adventures in Science
December: Fix It, Cyber Chip

Cub Scout Religious Square Knot Patch—Part of the Faith in God Award

(Printable version of this)

Faith in God booklet – look for square knot symbol for religious knot requirements
  1. Give a family home evening lesson on Joseph Smith’s First Vision (see Joseph Smith-History 1:1-20).  Discuss how Heavenly Father answers our sincere prayers.
  2. Give an opening and a closing prayer in family home evening or at Primary.  Share your feelings about how prayer protects us and helps us to stay close to Heavenly Father and the Savior.
  3. Tell a story from the Book of Mormon that teaches about faith in Jesus Christ.  Share your testimony of the Savior.
  4. Prepare a pedigree chart with your name and your parents’ and grandparents’ names.  Prepare a family group record for your family and share a family story.  Discuss how performing temple work blesses families.
  5. Write a letter to a teacher, your parents, or your grandparents telling them what you appreciate and respect about them.
  6. Write a poem, story, or short play that teaches a principle of the gospel or is about Heavenly Father’s creations.
  7. Read the twelfth Article of Faith.  Discuss what it means to be a good citizen and how your actions can affect others.

Items to Discuss with Boys Graduating from Webelos

Write yourself a list of things to discuss with boys as they graduate from Webelos.  Here is a sample of what I use in my unit.


Correlation of the Old Webelos Pin Program to the New Webelos Adventure Program

For those of you that have been Webelos Den Leaders prior to the new adventure program, the following may be useful to you in determining what old materials and props can be used with the new program.

New Adventure Program Old Webelos Pin Program
Adventures in Science Engineer, Scientist Pins
Aquanaut Aquanaut Pin
Art Explosion Artist Pin
Aware and Care None
Build It Craftsman Pin
Build My Own Hero Citizen Pin
Castaway Outdoorsman Pin
Earth Rocks Geologist Pin
Engineer Engineer Pin
Fix It Handyman Pin
Game Design None
Into the Wild Naturalist Pin
Into the Woods Forester Pin
Looking Back, Looking Forward None
Maestro Showman Pin
Moviemaking Showman Pin
Project Family Family Member Pin
Sportsman Sportsman Pin
Cast Iron Chef Outdoorsman, Fitness
Duty to God in Action Religious Knot, Faith in God
Duty to God and You Religious Knot, Faith in God
First Responder Readyman
Stronger, Faster, Higher Athlete
Webelos Walk about None
Building a Better World Citizen, Family Member
Camper Outdoorsman
Scouting Adventure Outdoorsman

How to Prepare a Den Meeting Agenda

Typical Tuesday Webelos Den Meeting Agenda For One Hour

  1. Gathering Activities: Purpose is to keep all the boys who show up early busy until all the boys show up and you start the den meeting. Each adventure has examples of gathering activities to choose from. Examples of gathering props: big horseshoe magnets, rattlesnake magnets, speaker magnets, rope to practice knot tying, ball bearing, hit the spot game, chess game, ball and can game, string top game, scout law card game, various puzzles.
    Hover over a picture to see what it is; click it to see it bigger.
    Hit the Spot gameball bearingsmagnets16_webelos_speaker-magnets16_webelos_chess-game16_webelos_scout-law-puzzle-game16_webelos_mexican-ball-toy16_webelos_can_and_ball_game
  2. Opening Prayer
  3. 16_webelos_small-flagOpening ceremony: Pledge of Allegiance or recite scout oath, Law, Slogan, Motto with thumbs joined together in a circle. Each Adventure has its own opening ceremony ideas.
  4. Activities to pass of the Adventure Requirements. See the Webelos Handbook and the Webelos Den Leaders Guide for ideas.
  5. Half Time Games if the scouts are rowdy and need to expel some energy. Steal the Bacon, Teeter Boards, Snow games-fox and geese.
  6. Pass off more Adventure Requirements.
  7. Reflection lesson. See Webelos Den Leaders Guide of each Adventure for examples or make up one of your own that reflects on the adventure you are working on.
  8. Close the Meeting, give out announcements for future events. Clean up.
  9. M4034S-4208
    Tie up the Scout Master

    Games to play while waiting for their parents to pick the boys up. Tie up the Scoutmaster, Steal the Bacon, Marshmallow gun war in the back yard, Snowball fight, Toboggan riding down the back yard hill.

  10. Record the requirements that each boy passed off and clean up the house put the props away.

Note: Instead of doing half time games you can work on passing the requirements of two different adventures in the same meeting. Combine the requirements of an active pin like Sportsman with a more book work pin like First Responder. Use the active pin requirement to let the boys get outside and expel some energy at half time.

Example Plan: Build It Adventure

Lay out all the tools the night before.

Gathering Activities

Opening Prayer:

Opening Ceremony: Do the living circle by having the boys join their left thumbs together in a circle and repeat the scout oath.

Start passing off the requirements

  1. Learn the proper use of tools:  Show examples of each tool in action and let each boy try each tool out on something; Hammer, Screwdriver-Flat and Phillips, Allen Wrench, Socket set, Vise Grips, Various Clamps-squeeze-C-Clamp-Pipe, Vise, Handsaw, Hacksaw, Crescent Wrench, Needle Nose Pliers, Slip-joint Pliers, Nail Set, Tape Measure, Right Hand Square, File, Level, Cold Chisel, Wood Chisel, Razorblade Knife, Crowbar, Pipe Wrench, Side Snips, Awl.
    1b. Tool safety: Face Mask, Ear Plugs, Ear Muffs, Gloves, Safety Glasses, Hard Hat. Demonstrate how to use each safety device. Use the right tool for the right job. Go over how to take care of tools-page 295 of Webelos Handbook. Cub Scouts are not allowed to use power tools.
  2. Build a wood project at the Home Depot on the first Saturday of each month at 9 am.
  3. List the tools used to build the wood project.
  4. Put a check mark on tools used for the first time. Also when you do requirement 1, make sure each boy uses each tool for the first time.
  5. Talk to House Contractor, Shane McKnight to visit one of his construction sites. Have him show the blueprints and explain the steps to building a house. Talk about career opportunities and necessary schooling. See questions on page 305 of the Webelos Handbook.

Do a Reflection comment on the activity. Give out announcements of future events.

Close the meeting. While the boys wait for their parents to pick them up, you could do an after meeting activity like playing steal the bacon, tie the scoutmaster up or marshmallow gun fight.

Clean up and record all the requirements that each boy who showed up did.

Den Meeting 1: Do requirements 1a, 1b.
Den Meeting 2: Do requirements 2, 3, 4
Den Meeting 3: Do requirement 5

Tools to Aide in Planning and Organization

A Trusty Calendar (3-ring punched)

Filing Envelopes

Box Filing System

Den Meeting Props and Supplies

Summer Camp

Plan ahead – know what adventures the boys will be working on at camp.  The Council provides an information sheet detailing what the boys can pass off at camp.  See samples below.

16_webelos_summer-classs-sign-up-options-for-camp 16_webelos_summer-camp-list-of-requirements-passed-off

For Summer Camp remember to get your boys registered by December 1, because this is when the Scout Headquarters computer opens up for online registration. You need to deposit $10 for each boy you register at this time. Know which boys who are in the Bear Den will be 10 years old by the time you go to summer camp. I personally put July 31 as the cutoff date. Then on April 1 at 8:00 am the computer opens up for you to select your classes that you want to sign up for. You can still add more boys at this time. The most popular class at camp is Aquanaut. It will usually get filled up on the first day. So sign up for it first if you want it. Camp is two days long.

Resources to draw on to help make your Webelos Program more successful.16_webelos_den-leaders-guide

  • Webelos Leaders Guide Appendix A-1
  • Webelos Handbook
  • Monthly Cub Scout Roundtable Meeting
  • Google and the Internet.
  • College of Cub Scouting classes
  • Old Cub Scout Pow Wow books and manuals.

Closing Remarks

To run a good Webelos Program you will need $100-150 a year to buy supplies and gas. Make sure your sponsoring organization sets this money aside for you. Buy your supplies for each adventure as you need them. Plan your den meeting agendas one to two months in advance and put the dates on a master calendar. Have a back up plan if your den meeting is an outdoor one and it rains that day. Meet with the new incoming boy and his parents as soon as he comes into your den and give them an orientation packet. Then two month before the boys 11th birthday make up a list of all the missing requirements for Webelos and Arrow of Light and have a meeting with the boy and his parents and go over what is missing to pass the awards off. Also at this time plan out a day for a pack night and the type of ceremony to have for his Arrow of Light. Involve the Cubmaster in this planning.

One last thing. There are several ways to get supplies and adventure props for free. If you need wood visit a housing or commercial construction  site and ask the person in charge if you can go through their scrap pile and pick out wood that you need. They usually will say yes. Look through your ward cub scout closet for surplus supplies that you can use. Ask your ward Primary President if you can go through her closet to see what surplus supplies she has. I am always using poster paper so I look for old out of date posters that are used in building foyers that other organizations have used to advertise their events. When their event is over with they usually through them away. The other side of the poster is usually blank and usable. This is the time to ask those leaders if you can have the old posters. For the Earth Rocks adventure it requires the boys to make a rock collection. You can go to Intermountain Stone & Marble company who has a scrape pile of old marble, granite, slate and other rock that they will let you go through and pick out all the rock you want. Their address is 146 E. 3900 S., SLC, Utah. Phone Number: 801-266-4241. I save all my used computer paper from my printer because one side is blank and can be used by the boys to write things down for various adventures. Some businesses will donate items for free or give you a discount if they know that it will be used by your cub scout den. You just have to ask them and see what they say.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun.

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