Doctorate Prep Course

By Brian Hulleburg and Kathi Robertson

2016 Doctorate Degree Requirements (PDF, 41kb)

So you have attended the College of Cub Scouting for two years and are working on your master’s degree today. Come take this course to plan and write your doctorate goal and see what you can do to help achieve it. This class will be offered before opening ceremonies as well as during the day to help both staff and participants earn their degree.

Doctorate of Scouting degree requirements

  1. Be a registered Scouter with a current Youth Protection certificate.
  2. Hold a Master’s Degree from the GSLC College of Cub Scouting.
  3. Complete an additional five (5) hours of course work at GSLC College of Cub Scouting.
  4. Earn an adult leader award for your registered position: Den Leader’s Training Award, Cubmaster’s Key, Scouter’s Training Award for Cub Scouting, Unit Leader’s Award of Merit or any of the old Cub Scout Leader Awards.
  5. Complete a Doctorate Review Course. The Doctorate Review Course is held during the first morning blocks, where you will report on how you completed your Doctorate Prep Goals. If you are pre-registered, we will be able to recognize your accomplishment during the lunch program.

Doctorate Degree Goal Instruction

So, you’ve attended College of Cub Scouting for two years and you are ready to earn your Master’s Degree, this year, way to go!

The Doctorate Degree is something special, you should be proud of yourself. The goal you choose to do with earning your Doctorate Degree is to help you in your Scouting career.

We know that Cub Scout leaders are busy helping their boys achieve great things, so we are only asking for one goal from you to earn your degree. We would like for this goal to be a S.M.A.R.T one.

We encourage you to choose a goal that would help your unit, your district or the council. Helping in any of these areas will help Cub Scouting be more successful.

Suggestions for your unit goal:

  1. Help in training current leaders by leading a discussion meeting.
  2. Help in recruiting new boys into your pack.
  3. Help in planning a major activity within your pack.
  4. See what needs your pack has and help address them.

Suggestions for your district goal:

  1. Volunteer as a member of your district roundtable staff.
  2. Help in planning or running a major district activity.
  3. Invite and bring members to roundtable.

Suggestions for your council goal:

  1. Assist at College of Cub Scouting with registration, teaching or midway.
  2. Assist at one of the other council training events ie Baloo.
  3. Assist with another major council event.

Pick a group you would like to help with. Choose a goal that would be in their best interest and then write down how you will accomplish it. Share it with the doctorate advisor and get his/her approval. Make sure you have a copy of your goal and that they have a copy as well. Contact your advisor once you have completed your goal, so that you can receive your recognition at CCS the following year.

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