August – Friendly – #CUBSCOUTS

By Jeff Dean & Elise Dean

#CUBSCOUTS is a great reminder to leaders and cubs alike that there are many ways to communicate with each other, potential new scouts and scouts who may need a little extra encouragement to join in the fun of Scouting.

There are many different forms of communication available to us.  Some examples are:

  • Telephone – talk or text
  • Email
  • Social Media websites
  • Mail
  • Word of mouth

Please remember:  It is best that scouts have parental guidance when using the internet to access things like email or social media websites. 

Some ideas that will help Scouts to be friendly and communicate are as follows:

Wolf Adventure: Howling at the Moon

Requirement 1-Show you can communicate in at lease two different ways.

Idea: Invite another boy to scouts on the phone (text or talk), in person or deliver an invite.

Invite ideas:

Front                                                           Back


Bear Adventure: Roaring Laughter

Requirement 5: Share a few jokes with a couple of friends to make them laugh.

Idea: Make silly invites to den or pack meeting and deliver or mail them.


Webelos Adventure: Building a Better World

Requirement 10-b: Set up an exhibit at a Pack Meeting to share information about the World Friendship Fund.

Link to World Friendship Fund brochure in PDF:


“A scout is…”-
Cub Scouts is a Lego Fun –
Pocketknife template –
Be Prepared –

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