Den Chief Training

By Mark Stone & Korbin Wies

A den chief’s role is to serve as a junior leader that can show younger boys what it truly means to be a Boy Scout. This requires setting a good example, stepping forward to help with meetings and activities, and encouraging boys to do their best to advance in scouting. Though you aren’t the one planning the meetings, you play an important role in the den.


The example you set is the one the cubs in your den will emulate. If you set a good example, the boys in your den will have the desire and drive to improve themselves and to become better scouts. But if you set a bad example, they can develop bad habits that will impede their ability to progress.

In order to set the right example, you should seek to understand the purposes of scouting and how to accomplish them on both an individual and a pack level. Seek to accomplish these purposes for yourself, and it will be much easier for the pack to do so as well.

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