2017 Service


by Lisa McMurdie

Download the materials for this course:

Service Opportunities for Young Men:

  • Boys and Girls’ Clubs – children need school supplies, art supplies and healthy snacks. Many come hungry and will have little to eat when they go home. The club needs clean- ing supplies.
  • School Pantries – Many area schools are setting these up to help student’s families with hunger
  • South Valley Services – This is a safe place for women and children in domestic abuse situations. Because children often come with nothing, bags of activities like crafts, toys, books, snack, etc. are greatly appreciated. During holiday seasons, treats and small toys are good. The women can use make-up, simple jewelry to help during job interviews. Center needs cleaning supplies, diapers . . . Contact Jackie 801-225-1095 ext 207
  • Care Centers – simply visiting, reading, making cards and decorations brighten their days. Have the boys take their own books to read to the patients.
  • Veterans Hospital and Care Centers – Many of these people have very limited support outside the hospital. Care packages of hygiene items -deodorant, toothpaste, comb, etc, t-shirts, underwear, slippers, sock, magazines and so many other items are so important to them. The staff will help distribute them by need and size. Call Diana 801-582-1565
  • Road Home – serves not only adults, but families. Consider having the boys collect coats, blankets, school supplies, activity bags for children. They appreciate and need everything all year
  • Food Bank 3150 So 900 We. 801-978-2452. This location receives, separates and prepares meals and boxes to go out to other food banks for distribution. Great experience for the boys. Generally, children under 5 not allowed, but there are family times when even they can help. These happen on Monday evenings and Saturday Mornings. Let then know you are coming.
  • Stake Farms – different times of the year have different opportunities to help. Planting if fun, harvesting is great. Do this with a visit to Bishop’s storehouse or other place where food is available to help those in need.
  • Scouting for Food – in coordination with other opportunities to feed people in need will mean so much more. Encourage them to knock on doors of their own neighbors to remind them and thus gather more food.
  • – has large and small planting projects. They accept donations or help planting. Highly recommended!! Call 801-364-2122 or look up online.
  • Trail and Waterway clean-up projects
  • City clean-up days – planting, cleaning trash, clearing headstones in cemetaries, creating trails, helping elderly. Choose projects that are in areas that impact the boys.
  • Tracy Aviary – enjoy the park and perform a conservation good turn while you are there. Call early in spring for best projects.
  • Angel Tree opportunities – help boys find someone their age.
  • Quarters for Christmas – money is distributed through our schools to help buy shoes and coats for children. Encourage them to earn their own money to give!
  • Spend time with a disabled child who needs time with a friend

I am only one, but I can _______________________

Service Projects for Cub Scouts

Service – to help or assist another. We need to give the boys words and experiences to help them learn to give service. Words like helpful, kindness, inclusion, love, respect. Help the boys to understand that this is the complete opposite if bullying.

Include the boys’ families. They can help their scouts to s-tr-e-t-ch themselves while serving others. They can also help the boys do service that can feel more personal so they can more readily perceive the needy around them.

Use the monthly values to


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